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This is how we turn customer needs into bespoke innovations.

We are dedicated to providing  bespoke battery solutions for the most demanding projects from automotive & aerospace industries.

Clients & Partners

Through our technologies, we support the industry in producing the world's best electric vehicles.

Know-how blended with experience results in professional capabilities.

Battery cell integration

The details matter.

There are now more than 600 types of battery cells developed and produced for transport electrification worldwide. Believe it or not, we know all of them and are still discovering new ones. In cooperation with global battery cell manufacturers, we are committed to maintain our ability to select the most suitable battery cells for our projects and to ensure their most efficient integration.

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CAE simulations

Computer-aided engineering

CAE simulation gives us the ability to predict with high precision how designed products will work in the real world. Thanks to our experienced engineers, professional ANSYS software and extensive database of measured data from the laboratory tests of battery cells, we are capable of achieving the most accurate simulations.

Battery thermal management

Advanced heating & cooling.

Thermal management is certainly one of the most challenging tasks in the battery system development. Our first experience in the development and production of thermal management solutions for the automotive industry goes far back into the past. Today, we provide the most advanced and innovative solutions on the global market. We call them BTMS.

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Product development

Qoolers engineering is not just about the cutting-edge hardware and software. Our team has a wealth of engineering knowledge and experience in development at component, subsystem and vehicle levels. Our added value also lies in our capability to optimize product design based on an assessment of testing targets and requirements, thus avoiding repetitive testing.


Prototype Workshop

The technologies of 3D printing, CNC machining and carbon fibre moulding, complemented by 3D scanning and laser welding & cutting, combined with our highly skilled team, allow us to make unique bespoke prototypes within a few days in high quality and at low manufacturing costs. That's what advanced rapid prototyping tastes like.

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Our process

From initial concept to series production



New project starts by working with the client to define all their requirements. Since that moment, we begin to design the several concepts considering manufacturability, efficiency and cost with respect to the set requirements. We define all the necessary details, such as component selection and physical dimensions of the design, and perform preliminary CAE simulations and analyses.



As we complete several concept designs, we present them to the client and help to narrow down and select the best option for their application, which will then be further developed, verified and manufactured. In cooperation with client, we also review and refine all the final requirements.



In the product development phase, our experienced engineers transform the selected concept into a detailed design using CAD modelling, taking into account all crucial aspects. We then continue with the specification of raw materials and manufacturing processes at component and assembly levels. To make sure we keep the right direction with the client, we provide regular updates and consultations.



Applying world-class CAE simulation tools and techniques, combined with our experts and own extensive database of component behaviour, we verify the design and analyse its weak points before producing the first prototype. This saves our clients time and costs by reducing the amount of prototyping and physical testing required to a minimum.



Making prototypes is essential to ensure that everything is done correctly and according to plan. We verify the manufacturability of individual components and assembly and start preparing the design for serial production. The prototypes are ready to pass a series of design validation tests focusing on critical areas.



Design and process validation tests are very important in terms of final design and its manufacturing process validation during which the pre-defined operating conditions are simulated in laboratory. To ensure objective, impartial and accurate testing, we collaborate with certified European laboratories holding all necessary accreditations.



Industry 4.0 means combining people, machines, and data in the best possible way. In the industrialization process, our manufacturing team works on optimising manufacturing processes to achieve maximum efficiency, effectiveness and safety and the lowest manufacturing costs.


Series production

After successful completion of all previous phases, we launch series production. The location of the facility, annual production capacity and professional equipment depend on the product specification and customer requirements. We are also open to the possibility of a licensing contract for high-volume projects.


At Qoolers, reliability and evaluation (R&E) is an integral and vital part of the product development process, which consists of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), and component, subsystem and vehicle-level testing. Working in collaboration, R&E provides optimal designs with the highest level of robustness and quality.We increase the success rate of test validation, reduce development time and build customer trust. Experts with industry-leading knowledge of product development and manufacturing performoptimized design, data interpretation and verification from the initial design phase through to production.

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