Qoolers is a company of incredibly talented and visionary people.

Company profile

Founded in  2018, Qoolers is headquartered in Stare Mesto, in the south-eastern Czech Republic. Qoolers currently develops and manufactures battery thermal management systems and battery packs for the automotive and aerospace industries. At the same time, Qoolers works on several R&D projects in cooperation with its partners. Since Qoolers was founded, all of its activities have been focused on finding solutions to the most challenging problems of e-mobility on a global scale. Qoolers' long-term mission is to create a sustainable environment for the development of new technologies and their most efficient production, contributing to the electrification of the entire transportation industry on Earth and in space.

We design, engineer and manufacture the most advanced thermal management and battery systems. We turn bold ideas into highly innovative products and services that solve serious problems in the most effective way and deliver them to the whole world.

History we've written.

Like millions of others, in 2018 Qoolers is founded and the first small capital is raised. That' s how our journey began. We successfully transformed a simple idea through product development into our first patent application. We have set a clear path full of key milestones to achieve fast growth and desired results of the company in the next decade.

Our BTMS project has been identified by European Commission as Green Deal project with a high potential for a positive impact on the environment. Furthermore, we received support from the EIT RawMaterials and became part of the EIT ecosystem. With ongoing development, we have gained more valuable know-how and obtained other important patents.

In 2020, Qoolers received the Seal of Excellence certificate delivered by the European Commission under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in a highly competitive evaluation process for the project of Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS). We have gained even more very valuable know-how and more patents, as well as our first customers.

The year 2021 was truly a ground-breaking year for Qoolers for many reasons. We completed the first prototypes and attracted more customers. We were nominated for the Design Intelligence award 2021 and selected as one of the top hardware start-ups in CEE. Moreover, we were selected by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade to represent the Czech Republic at the EXPO in Dubai.

The year 2022 is a symbol for the foundation of several very important partnerships. We started working with the key suppliers, hired new talented professionals and established cooperation with several universities in related fields. We also received a significant financial injection to support our R&D activities and for the acquisition of more customers.

The beliefs & principles we share.

These are the elements that best describe the type of company we are and that we strive to be.


Customer satisfaction and surpassing their expectations through quality products and services.


We are strongest when we work together as a team within the company and with business partners.


We are honest, straightforward, ethical and fair. People trust us because we always keep our word.


Thinking differently is in our DNA. We are always looking for creative ways to solve tough problems.


We care about environmental protection and social harmony and reflect this in all our activities.

Passion at Qoolers' heart.

Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving with uncompromising focus on impact and excellence.

Vision at Qoolers' mind.

Qoolers will electrify entire transportation industry on the World and the Mars through the development of cutting-edge innovative technologies, by unifying and simplifying battery packs and by changing the structure of the battery supply chain.

Future path.

With our strategic orientation, we are addressing mega trend of limiting emissions to support climate protection. We see this not only as an opportunity for further growth, but also as an obligation to design our technologies so that mobility on our planet is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our growth strategy for the success is based on seven main pillars, which will be implemented through our technologies in three different industries.



Qoolers s.r.o.
Inopark -Zerzavice 2146
Stare Mesto
686 01 Czech Republic
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