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Product development

Technology implementation process

We take all your needs & wants and turn them into tailor-made masterpiece. This is the best way to achieve maximum performance and perfect integration of products into complex systems. We have adapted the entire product development process to make it easier, faster and more cost efficient for the customer than ever before.

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CAE Simulation

computer-aided engineering

CAE simulation gives us the ability to predict how products will work in the real world. Applying world-class CAE simulation tools and techniques, combined with our experts and own extensive database of component behaviour, we verify the design and analyse its weak points before producing the first prototype.

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Qoolers' Prototype Workshop

Here, the first products under development are made and then shipped all over the world. Here we push the limits of manufacturability to the limits of the laws of physics. Here, manually skilled and experienced craftsmen produce the first functional prototypes using the most advanced manufacturing tools and technologies.

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At Qoolers, reliability and evaluation (R&E) is an integral and vital part of the product development process, which consists of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), and component, subsystem and vehicle-level testing. Working in collaboration, R&E provides optimal designs with the highest level of robustness and quality. We increase the success rate of test validation, reduce development time and build customer trust. Experts with industry-leading knowledge of product development and manufacturing performoptimized design, data interpretation and verification from the initial design phase through to production.

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Through our technologies, we support the industry in producing the world's best electric vehicles.

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