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Battery thermal management

Mission BTMS

A significant trend in the automotive industry is the increasing capacity of battery packs, together with faster charging. This trend automatically creates a high demand for advanced battery thermal management, that will be a crucial element in terms of the competitiveness of each car and battery pack manufacturer.

goal: The goal of this mission is to maintain the excellence of BTMS technology. We are continuously improving our BTMS technology and pushing the boundaries of battery thermal management towards even better heat distribution and better control of the entire system. We still see high potential to increase thermal performance, improve the integrated safety system and reduce weight and overall built-in dimensions.

Impact: Imagine an electric car that has a battery with a lifetime of over 10 years that can be fully recharged in less than 5 minutes, that has a range of over 800 km and that accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3 sec. Imagine such an electric car that is safer, easier to drive and actually more environmentally friendly than anything on the road today. This is how the very near future looks like.

Battery packs
& modules

Mission ONE

Battery packs largely determine the functionality of electric vehicles. Therefore, when we design battery packs and modules, we focus on the highest possible performance, safety and durability without any compromises. We take a special approach to the bespoke design of individual components, their arrangement and reciprocal interaction.

goal: This mission has two goals. The first goal is to create a battery pack and module design that maximizes the potential of the technologies we have developed, and whose assembly can be easily and fast customized for different requirements. The second goal is to create a battery pack and module manufacturing process that will be fully automated from material input to functional testing.

Impact:Just like the operation of an electric vehicle, the manufacturing of a battery pack should be less expensive, faster and safe as possible. We believe that more efficient battery pack production will have a significantly positive economic impact.

Battery management system

Mission X

The battery management system plays a crucial role in the operation of all battery packs & modules. The BMS has two primary functions of keeping the battery pack or module operating safely and reliably by monitoring and controlling individual functions. The performance, efficiency and accuracy of the BMS greatly affects the driving range and battery life of an electric vehicle. Our R&D activities will focus on designing the most intelligent battery management system tailored to deliver exceptional results.

EV HVAC System

Mission HVAC

HVAC systems in electric vehicles are generally more complex compared to conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines. The entire HVAC circuit must be optimally coordinated and provide the requisite temperatures under all operating conditions. This gives us the opportunity to develop completely new HVAC system and contribute to more efficiency, economy and comfort of future electric vehicles.

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