Corporations vs. Startups

December 21, 2022

In your life, which is limited in time, you have several options for dealing with your own career. In today's world, you can literally be whoever you want, do whatever you want, spend as much time working as you want. So why do people spend more and more time at work they don't like, that doesn't reward them as much as they would like, that doesn't develop their natural talent? There are several reasons why people waste their potential in this way, in my opinion.

I know how hard it is to find a job that satisfies you in every aspect, but I'm convinced that finding it is worth all the effort in the end. I would liken it to finding a life partner. Staying in a bad job has the same negative effects on your quality of life as staying in a bad relationship. But if you find the right one, your whole life will begin to improve significantly.

One of the main reasons why people stay in jobs they don't like or even hate is something called job security. Job security is a sense of knowing that your job is safe from being cut. In society, there is a prevalent paradigm based on the feeling of greater job security in large corporations compared to small companies. Although a lot of people believe it, it's totally fake job security. In a corporation, as an employee, you're just a number on a spreadsheet. Even your entire department has a number assigned to it. In tough times, it's always easier to cut a number than to quit a professional relationship built in small firms from the first day you joined. After all, we've all seen it in recent days, when Twitter fired 2,000 people, Meta cut over 11,000 people and Google fired 12,000 people. In a small company, you have much more insight into what's going on around you. Professional relationship with your boss is often much stronger, friendlier. Also, any good boss feels much more responsibility for you than a corporate manager. When I consider the higher growth potential of small companies, especially start-ups oriented to emerging markets, which are more likely to recruit new workers, I get a more accurate picture of job security in different companies.

Another reason people keep miserable jobs is fear of the unknown, or xenophobia. The mere thought of changing job and the associated change of team, environment and working patterns is so paralysing for many people that they find it easier to bite the bullet and stay. However, I would advise these people to start stepping out of their comfort zone from time to time. It's the only way to really get better at something and start growing in your career.

I understand that for many people, working in a large corporation is a good choice. You can survive there until retirement without much effort, if no one cuts your number out of the spreadsheet. The corporation is built and controlled by clear rules full of bureaucracy so that any position can be performed by anyone mediocre. When you can sit in one place long enough without upsetting your manager or his manager, you get a symbolic promotion and a higher salary. All this means that this place is not quite suitable for ambitious talents.

It is a proven fact that every person, whether consciously or subconsciously, desires career growth. True opportunity and the accomplishment of career growth are important elements of satisfying work. Therefore, if your ambitions don't end at middle management level and you want to reach the top in your career, you need to start working for a start-up. Only here you can become a top level manager or specialist by helping to build the company from the ground up. Truly innovative new technologies are being born in start-ups, and together with them are growing new world-class leaders, managers and innovators.

At Qoolers, we know that to create great things, it takes people who are exceptional in many ways, and specifically for them we create the ideal environment for their personal and career growth. At Qoolers, you have the chance to become a respected professional in your field and participate in technologies that are changing the world. At Qoolers, your experience have a future.

Almost every day you experience in a start-up is different. Every day you face new challenges, you meet new people from different professions, every day you learn something new, every day you feel yourself growing professionally. Every day you take a new path that probably no one else has taken before you. It's a really exciting and rewarding adventure. That's right, rewarding. As fast as the start-up grows, so does your salary. There is no employee salary table here unless you have created it yourself. You may get the same starting salary as in a corporation, but you can be sure that if you work responsibly for a start-up, your salary will grow multiple times faster than in a corporation.

I hear you saying that you don't get as many benefits in a startup as you do in a corporation. Well, you're right. You probably won't have as many sick days and paid vacation time. But are you sure it's really what you want in a situation where every day you spend at work is great and moves you forward in your career? Probably not.

That’s why the smartest people work in start-ups.

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