Why Qoolers?

August 11, 2023

People ask me this question almost every day. That's why I decided to write a few words about it. Well, first of all, it's a Qool name, right?! And secondly, all the normal names are already taken.

Originally, we wanted the name to reflect at least a little of what the company will do. The very first intention at that time was the development and manufacturing of radiators or rather coolers for battery systems of electric vehicles. We also have made a commitment to ourselves to provide high quality heat exchangers with maximum possible thermal performance. These two characteristics were so important to us from the beginning that we tried to somehow include them in the company name. We've come up with several alternatives, but they've all been taken by other companies except one. Qoolers.

The letter Q at the beginning of the word Qoolers has become an iconic symbol for us. Q represents not only the quality of our products. In physics, Q denotes quantity of energy transferred as heat. And there's more.

Soon the Q symbol started to make perfect sense to us when we were trying to design our original logo. Our vision for the Qoolers logo was very complicated. We wanted to include several ideas at once while keeping the logo simple and easy to remember. Did we succeed? Judge for yourself.

The modified Q shape symbolizes two things: Cylindrical battery cell in top view from which heat energy is transferred to the exterior and schematic symbol of the electric power source – battery cell in the circuit. Both are closely related to what Qoolers deals with and both are perfectly captured in the logo forever.

Throughout its existence, our logo has been accompanied by the motto: Power of Engineering. We are now replacing this with a new motto: Power of Innovation.

Previous moto: Power of Engineering was born out of the need to show the world that the engineers at Qoolers are truly capable and can design as good, if not better, disruptive innovations for the automotive industry. Well, we don't have that need anymore. That's why we're replacing the motto with a new one: Power of Innovation that much better captures what Qoolers really cares about. It is innovation that has the power to change the world into a better place. In the future, we see Qoolers as a globally significant place where truly disruptive innovations are born.

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