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Stage Status Type Closing date Min. investment Volume
Seed Round Ongoing 30/8/2021 € 50.000 € 960.000
Series A Planning Equity € 4.000.000
Series B

Green Bonds

If you want to contribute to a better environment, invest in us!

Like Tesla or Bosch, Qoolers makes use of a broad spectrum of various financing instruments to be able to positively influence the environment through its products and services. One of the most important part of Qoolers’ financial portfolio is the issuance of bonds that allow people like you to contribute to a better environment and at the same time to generate income through investment.

Volume format Issuance date Maturity Coupon (%) ISIN Details
€ 1.0 M 15/11/2020 15/11/2025 8% ISIN: CZ0003528655 Fact sheet

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Seal of Excellence

In 2020, Qoolers received the Seal of Excellence certificate delivered by the European Commission under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Qoolers valuation
€ 3.2 M

Real value of Qoolers lays in professional team with broad experience and in disruptive technology strongly protected by IPs. Qoolers targets global market in time of accelerated growth (+43% YOY) with very weak competitive environment that create the opportunity to rocket growth. The valuation is the sum of the market values of the patents owned.


Seal of Excellence


Annual Report 2020


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