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We develop tailor-made solutions of efficient thermal systems from the initial phase right up to series production independent of the actual production numbers needed.

Thermal management

Power of a simple solution creating opportunities above the expectations.


Qoolers develops innovative solutions that facilitate electrification of aviation industry. We offer a solution of thermal management that excels in a safety, compact dimensions and ultra-light weight.


Qoolers’s advanced Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) innovatively solve the main problems of electric vehicles by significant improvement of charging speed, battery range, safety and lifespan.

Energy storage

Qoolers provides innovative thermal management of high expandable (lithium-silicon) battery cells for any type of battery packs characterized by ability to absorb battery expansion efficiently.

Reliability & Evaluation

At Qoolers, reliability and evaluation is an integral and vital part of the product development process, which consists of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), and component, subsystem and vehicle-level testing. Working in collaboration, R&E provides optimal designs with the highest level of robustness and quality.
Qoolers increases the success rate of test verification, reduces development time and builds customer trust. Experts with top-class product development and production knowledge conduct optimized design, data interpretation and verification from the initial design stage through production.


With deep passion, team spirit and rich experience. As a partner and supplier, we contribute to exciting motorsport electrification by providing thermal management systems with strong focus on winning. Every day we strive to enhance the performance of the race cars for a vigorous competition, giving everyone involved a spectacular experience.

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