Fields of innovation

The future belongs to electrified mobility that is shaped by today’s technologies.

Battery thermal management

Innovative battery thermal management systems for electric vehicles make their contribution to efficient, economic and comfortable mobility. Any type of energy storage made of battery cells requires thermal management to meet its performance and lifespan targets. Actual trends of increasing battery capacity together with faster charging automatically create high demand for advanced battery thermal management which will be a crucial element in terms of competitiveness.

HVAC for e-mobility

Qoolers Research develops the most innovative and economical solutions for future electric mobility. HVAC systems in electric vehicles are generally more complex compared to conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines. Whole HVAC circuit must be optimally coordinated and to provide the requisite temperatures in all operating conditions. This gives the opportunity to develop completely new HVAC system and contribute to more efficiency, economy and comfort of future electric vehicles.

Powertrain cooling

Whether it is a fully electric family car, a plug-in hybrid heavy truck, or a future electric airplane, Qoolers Research is about to cool down all types of mobility. Qoolers innovative technologies efficiently capture thermal energy from e-mobility sources to help promote an environmentally friendly driving experience.

R&D in numbers

1.2M €

invested in R&D


patents filed

3.2M €

patents valuation

Thermally active body panels

Higher efficiency, lower cost and better comfort of electric vehicles will be the main features of thermally active body panels.

High performance battery pack

We are working on innovative battery pack with 10x higher performance and accelerated charging that can be used in several types of vehicles.

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