In the future, electrification will affect all areas of life, not only mobility but also building services engineering and all areas of industry. Electrification make sense particularly in combination with sustainably generated electrical energy which will be managed with the highest efficiency. Electromobility, in the long term, is one of the most important changes that significantly contributes to sustainable environment by reducing air and noise pollution, especially in metropolitan areas.

Electric cars

Today, over a billion conventional passenger cars are in operation worldwide representing one of the largest groups of vehicles that pollute more than 60% of total CO2 emissions in road transport. Qoolers is working on the development of future electric cars that provide a better driving experience and user convenience, as well as high standards for safety, sustainability and recyclability.

Electric trucks & Buses

Along with rising market uptake of electric cars, lower costs and better battery performance are making truck and bus electrification attractive for certain operations, especially in cities. Qoolers contributes to faster electrification of trucks and buses by more efficient and economical battery pack technologies.

Aircraft electrification

A significant obstacle to all-electric propulsion is the power to weight ratio of the batteries and motors needed to supplant a traditional kerosene-powered engine. According to research from NASA, a single-aisle 737 class aircraft, would require a battery specific energy of 1,000Wh/kg or higher. To achieve this kind of power will necessitate new battery chemistries, but also new battery pack designs featuring greater integration and enhanced thermal management. Qoolers can offer the best thermal management solution for aircraft industry in terms of efficiency and safety.

Ship electrification

Emissions from aviation and shipping have recently been increasing at a faster rate than for any other transport mode. Electric and hybrid ships need more efficient and lighter batteries for a breakthrough. Qoolers participates on the development of the battery pack with the highest kW/Kg ratio on the market that might accelerate ship electrification.

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