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Join us in turning visions into meaningful technology invented for better future.

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You know how you can work best. We offer you the conditions needed.

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Accelerate your professional growth and gain experience. We create a place for it.

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Our innovative nature is based on discovery of new technologies. You can join us.

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Give your job a meaning. With solutions invented for better future.

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We love our business and our environment. Let’s save them both for future generations.


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Are you looking for challenging entry position that allows you to shape your future with your ideas? A position that offers good prospects worldwide and allows you to focus on your specialist knowledge and delve into the subjects you are passionate about — potentially even in the context of your doctorate? We create modern and flexible working environment to help you grow in the way you want.


Your experience has a future.

Start something big and become a part of forward thinkers where you can create something remarkable. From R&D to engineering to supply chain management to sales and purchasing – at Qoolers, you are part of community creating innovative solutions that solve the real problems of everyday life with a positive impact on the environment.


Great innovations require great people!


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