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Qoolers is fast growing global company focused on advanced e-mobility. As technology company, we design innovative solutions of battery thermal management and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.



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Current Debt

1.2M €

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Qoolers‘s Future Direction

Core Technologies

We are focused on the research and development of core technologies in
three fields to create new value and influence the future of mobility.

Battery Thermal Management

Powertrain Cooling

HVAC for e-mobility

Core Industries

Through our products and services, we contribute to the faster electrification
of 4 core industries and support advanced energy storages.

Electric cars

Electric trucks & Buses

Aircraft electrification

Ship electrification

Energy storages


We contribute to produce more sustainable technologies that help protect the natural environment for current and future generations, reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Deal

Our project has been identified by European Commission as Green Deal project with a high potential for a positive impact on the environment.

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