Everything we do is based on our philosophy, built on our Purpose and Core Values, ensuring a common understanding of what Qoolers is and what we stand for, all over the world.

Our Purpose

Contributing to the progression of society through innovative technology, with respect for the global environment.

Contributing to a better driving experience for electric vehicles. Helping reduce the impact of global mobility to the environment. Through our business activities, we aim to contribute to global society and the environment by making these things happen. This is the purpose of our existence.

„One day, world will be a much better place to live for every being than ever before.“

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the beliefs and principles we share. These are the elements that best describe the type of company we are and continue to strive to be.


Customer satisfaction through quality products and services.


We are strongest when we work together as a team within the company and with business partners.


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.


Thinking differently is in our DNA. We are always looking for creative ways to solve tough problems.


We care about environmental preservation and harmony with society.

Our Growth Strategy

With our strategic orientation, we are addressing megatrend of limiting emissions to promote climate protection. We see this not only as an opportunity for further growth, but also as an obligation to design our technologies so that mobility on our planet is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our growth strategy for the success is based on seven main pillars.

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