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Qoolers is growing technology company focused on e-mobility that designs innovative solutions of battery thermal management.

Our Story

Our story started in 2018 in a workshop close to Brno in Czech Republic with a simple idea. We have successfully transformed the simple idea into exceptionally innovative products and services, which we provide to the whole world today.

Green Deal

Our project has been identified by European Commission as Green Deal project with a high potential for a positive impact on the environment.

Seal of Excellence

In 2020, Qoolers received the Seal of Excellence certificate delivered by the European Commission under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in a highly competitive evaluation process for the project of Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS).

Our products and services are designed to solve real problems in the most efficient way possible, help EVs to fulfill their mission and improve quality of life.


We contribute to produce more sustainable technologies that help protect the natural environment for current and future generations, reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.


At Qoolers we believe that research should always result in a tangible innovation with a positive impact on the environment.

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